Our Visiting to M.E.G. Gottieb Diaderma-Haus GmbH + Co. KG

On 9 August 2019, GFS directors visited Gottlieb Diaderma-Haus head office in Heidelberg to enhance our long-term corporate relations and were welcomed with high regard by our beloved partner.

Message of gratitude from Khun Nathicha

” Dear valuable Customer,

I am very excited to import the best product skincare I have ever used in my life to Thailand, my home country. We shall soon open the entire product line for your convenience.

In this picture were me and Diaderma’s representatives as we had a company visit tour in Heidelberg Germany last week.

Regarding the illegal importer and fake products sold on Lazada page, please assure that we will take action to avoid this situation soonest. I have already appointed my legal assistant to settle this matter.

Again, every imported product from us is the best known sold-out product from Germany. I myself have been using Diaderma products every single day and have fallen in love with the results. Its magic and simply fabulous! Please don’t trust my words until you have tried it by yourself.

With love and yours

Ms. Geyer “

    How To Order Our Product?

    We are currently selling more than 50 organic skincare product via online Facebook Page. All of our chosen brands are from Germany and Crete which was carefully consider personally by our Beauty Expert, Khun A.

    Please, follow us on Facebook page “Diaderma Thailand” to check out our recent products.