Global Warming and how to deal with it

Climate change and global warming – as controversial as the possible causes may be discussed in politics – cannot be denied and is indeed happening and affecting all of us one way or the other. Changing cloth, buying shoes for the new season or a cap for winter may be fun but changing a facade or an entire building is a different thing.

What is to be expected and what should be done? Short answer: no one knows for sure and, although our root experience goes back a Million years, ,cave digging is just one of the options (although it would address quite a number of environmental issues, including giving some of us a complete new purpose in life).

So, no matter where you life or want to live in harmony with nature, consider the following: it may get much hotter, it may get much colder, it may get much wetter, it may get much drier, you may face fires and regular wildfires, you may face snow loads, you may face sand storms, yo may face hail and artic like blizzards, you may face epidemics or even pandemics, you may be shaken by ground movements, you may receive uninvited human and animal visitors, you may have to look down the barrel of a terrorist’s gun; in other words, most of the biblical plagues may be upon you. Oh and .above all, noise beyond your wildest dreams may torture you 24/7.

But no need to panic!

Sit back, relax and enjoy live because … a facade consultant worth his fee will consider and address all of the above parameter in a complex algorithm in his personal CPU, use and apply data and projections from various engineering sources, codes of practice and standards and deliver a product that will stand the test of changing times. Whether for thousand years however, may be too much to be asked.