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What is ‘Curtain Wall’ and what is a ‘Curtain wall designer’?

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What is 'Curtain Wall' and what is a 'Curtain wall designer'? Content by Peter Geyer, German Architect and Engineer specialized in Certain Wall Curtain walls and claddings, more generally called facades or building envelops, can be considered as the third layer of protection against the environment. One does not need to venture to Moon

Our Visiting to M.E.G. Gottlieb Diaderma-Haus GmbH + Co. KG

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Our Visiting to M.E.G. Gottieb Diaderma-Haus GmbH + Co. KG On 9 August 2019, GFS directors visited Gottlieb Diaderma-Haus head office in Heidelberg to enhance our long-term corporate relations and were welcomed with high regard by our beloved partner. Message of gratitude from Khun Nathicha " Dear valuable Customer, I

Changing Climate-Changing design parameter

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  Global Warming and how to deal with it Climate change and global warming - as controversial as the possible causes may be discussed in politics – cannot be denied and is indeed happening and affecting all of us one way or the other. Changing cloth, buying shoes for the new season or a